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SheelLearn.com for Safety Culture in your Organization

Employees are the most important resource for any organization, no matter the industry. The productivity of this resource also depends on the level of safety culture in organization. If employyes feel that workplace is full of hazards then their efficiency will decrease.  Creating a culture of safety requires a deep understanding workplace hazards and minimization of accidents & injuries by multi-pronged approach. Employees sense of safety & risk free workplace is the improtant aspect of a sustained safety culture. A well trainied employee is always a safe and efficient employee.

Safety trainings make employees aware of hazards and safety precation is their job. The training employees on the risks of the workplace and how to avoid them can be a bit easier said than done. Developing training programs that will resonate and spur changes in behavior is a difficult but important task.

SheelLearn.com is a step to support organizations Safety culture initiatives. It will be help organizations to develop and sustain Safety Culture, imbibe safe habbits in employyes and work as highest productivity level. SheelLearn Have more than 300 pre-developed training aids/toolbox talks/Smart MSDS with narration. 

SheelLearn Online is a hosted service by Sheel Technologies, where the complete portal with all training resources is hosted by Sheel Technologies for subscribing organizations. The portal will be personalised as per organisations with their own domain, forntpage and logo. Sheel Technologies will customise courses as per requirement of organization with content supplied by subscribing organization. Subscribing organizations can avail our services to host thier own courses based on power point presentation, word and pdf files, movies and quizzes.


Your Own Training Portal

SheelLearn.com will be hosted after personalization to domain/web address selected by you. It will have all images/text that it will look like only you have hosted this service. The logo, images in carousel and all text will be chages to present your organization. You may include your mission/vission statements, safety policy and other EHS initiatives in this page. 

Note only that, even the couses can be enhanced with content submitted by you. This will aligh all training courses with your orgnization's specific training needs. Even new courses with quizzes can be added to the portal (Content to be supplied by subscriber) .


What you are waiting for? Subscribe today and avail special launch price!

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